Message from Lloyds Pharmacy in Sainsburys Kidlington

We would like to touch base on our current situation in the pharmacy.

Currently we are under incredible pressure with the overwhelming prescriptions and having unprecedented demands from customers. We have started to have more pharmacy staff going on sickness and we are struggling to cope with the constant patients or customers coming in to enquire about their prescription medications or buy OTC products. We have also no capacity to even answer any phone calls, so please bear with us.

Our remaining pharmacy team is stretched to the maximum and still we are determined to help as many patients as possible. We are still confident and aiming to get the service up and run smoothly as soon as we can but we would like to ask your support to help us please. We kindly ask you please to inform your patients to give us at least 4 working days after requesting their prescriptions, not come to pharmacy immediately after requesting unless it’s for acute conditions which need urgent medication.

Thank you for your understanding.